Other Tonya Web sites & Newsgroups


There are six other fully-fledged Web sites dedicated to Tonya that we know of:

There are also the following Tonya-oriented Web pages that we've come across. Although not full Tonya sites, they are certainly worth a look:

A site operated by Per Persson in Sweden several years ago is now defunct.

A former official site at www.tonyaharding.com is still functioning, but is no longer endorsed by Tonya after an investigation by members of the PortIce Special Duties Section disclosed some rather unpleasant facts about the guy who was running it. We would like to make it clear that this site no longer has any connection to Tonya, nor is it in any way associated with anyone here at PortIce, no matter what the operator may try to make out. A spokesperson for Tonya asked us to post the following disclaimer on her behalf:

"She in no way endorses that site. It is not her site and her name is being used without her permission, as well as her image. The person running it is doing so with full knowledge that she wants nothing to do with it".

We don't believe that the person behind this site has Tonya's true interests at heart. For this reason we also don't link to it anymore.

Needless to say, we would be eager to learn of any other sites (NOTE: we're only interested in real FAN sites or SKATING sites - not the hundreds of porn sites that feature Wedding Night Video stills).


In years gone by, Usenet newsgroups used to be a vibrant community of discussion about every topic under the sun. Today it's largely a wasteland of spam and dodgy porn and most ISP's don't even provide a news server service anymore. For the sake of completeness, however, here's a rundown of Tonya-related newsgroups:

There are other joke groups such as alt.spank.tonya-harding and alt.tonya-harding.scrub.scrub.scrub that existed at one time but these are not widely carried and rarely receive posts - usually spam in any case. For this reason we haven't listed them.

Mailing Lists and Forums

If you want to keep up with the latest about Portland's most famous skater, we recommend that you subscribe to "The Portlandian", our own Tonya newsletter and the Internet's leading source of Tonya news. Note that "The Portlandian" list is one-way, i.e. you can't post messages to other subscribers.

If you want to interact with other Tonyaphiles, the best way is via the forum at David House's Tonya site. You can also set up your account to notify you by e-mail of replies to messages you post there.

There are also several mailing lists that have been set up concerning Tonya on Yahoo! Groups over the years. In most cases they are now defunct, though some have useful archived information. Registration with Yahoo! is required if you are not already a Yahoo! member and you will also have to subscribe to the groups themselves in order to post or receive list messages by e-mail. You may also in some cases be able to read messages via the Group's web page without subscribing, but this varies from group to group - some have policies that only allow members to access their archives.

Other skating-related Websites

It is not our intention to reinvent the wheel by providing large amounts of information about figure skating in general; there are heaps of other sites that do that far better than us (we'd rather devote our efforts towards Tonya). Here's some of interest, though:

Olympic corruption

More cases of sporting injustice

Other goodies from the Special Duties Section

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