The Olympic Hall of Shame

With so many IOC members now being accused of corruption, it's getting difficult for even the most seasoned observers to keep track of just who's accused of bribing who. Accordingly, the Special Duties team here at PortIce have put together this handy table of current and recently disgraced IOC members to enable you to tell at a glance who's a gold medal sleazebag as opposed to merely an also-ran:

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The Olympic Hall of Shame

The quick and easy guide to corruption in the IOC

"You will never find a more wretched hive of scum and villainy" - Obi-wan Kenobi, "Star Wars"


BR: Bribery & Corruption - gifts and straight out cash backhanders
CI: Conflicts of Interest - corporate lackeys on the payroll of big business
DO: Doping - turning a blind eye to drugs
EV: Enviro-Vandal - polluters and pillagers of the earth's natural resources
FX: the Fixer - rigging the outcomes of sports events & elections
GH: General Hospital - who needs Blue Cross when you've got the Olympic rings?
HU: the Hustler - other miscellaneous frauds, swindles, and outright theft
IL: Ivy League - places at posh universities, plagiarism and other academic chicanery
JB: Jobs for the Boys - cushy jobs for friends, relatives & royalty
LL: Limousine Lifestyles - nothing's too good for these guys; first class air travel, five star hotels and plenty of booze
MCP: Male Chauvinist Pigs - antiquated, sexist attitudes towards women athletes
MOB: Gangsters and organized crime - dead horses and offers you can't refuse
MOM: Merchants of Menace - arms dealers selling death for the right price
PI: Political Incorrectness - Fascists, Commies, dictators and their friends
RB: Rich Bastard - big businessmen who have bought their way onto the IOC
XXX: X-Rated - pimps, hookers, sexual harassment and enough shagging to make Johnny "Wadd" Holmes blush!

Names are in FirstName LASTNAME format. All monetary figures are in US dollars unless otherwise stated

Member Country Year of joining IOC Status Code Comments
Major General Henry Edmund Olufemi ADEFOPE Nigeria 1985 Exonerated of wrongdoing - deceased 2012 PI, LL, BR, GH A senior figure in one of Africa's more brutal military dictatorships. Was accused of accepting a large pile of basketball videotapes, plus surgery and travel for his wife. No evidence was produced in regard to the tapes, and he turned down the offers of having the travel and surgery paid for by SLC.
Tamas AJAN Hungary 2000 Honorary member    
Beatrice ALLEN Gambia 2006   HU Arrested on suspicion of embezzling $1400 from the Gambia Olympic Committee in 2011. She claims that this was in retaliation for her threatening to blow the whistle on a much bigger fraud involving a hundred grand that was supposed to be used to train Gambian athletes for the 2010 Commonwealth Games. All media in Gambia is licensed by the government and journalists are routinely harrassed & tortured.
Prince Feisal AL HUSSEIN Jordan 2010   JB, PI Has given wishy-washy answers when asked about the idea of term limits for IOC members. Jordan's human rights record isn't great, though some improvements have been made in recent years, particularly in the wake of the "Arab spring".
Princess Haya AL HUSSEIN UAE 2007   JB, DO, PI Member of the Dubai royal family. Once proposed a list of anti-inflammatory drugs for horses that was heavily criticized by vets for its potential to mask serious injuries - the list was later dropped. Her husband & son have both been involved in horse doping scandals. UAE is an absolute monarchy.
Syed Shahid ALI Pakistan 1996   JB His father, Syed Wajid Ali, was an IOC member from 1959-96.
Ahmad Al-Fahad AL-SABAH Kuwait 1992   PI, RB, BR, JB This super-rich Arab playboy's family has ruled Kuwait since they abolished the parliament in 1986. A hopeless "jack of no trades" with no sports or administration experience, Al-Sabah spent the Gulf War partying in Saudi Arabia while UN troops liberated his country, then returned to follow in his late father's footsteps by bribing his way to the top of regional sporting organizations. Accused by Mario Vasquez Rana of stabbing him in the back in order to get elected head of Association of National Olympic Committees. Inherited his IOC seat from his father, who was killed in 1990 Iraqi invasion of Kuwait.
Crown Prince Tamim bin Hamad AL-THANI Qatar 2002   JB, PI Son of the Emir of Qatar, a country ruled by an absolute monarchy. No elections have been held since 1970.
Agustin C. ARROYO Ecuador 1968 Expelled JB, IL, BR His stepdaughter worked for SLC bid committee and Utah state govt, received tuition assistance and $19,000; had her Amex card paid by SLC
Bashir M. ATTARABULSI Libya 1977 Resigned IL, PI Son received tuition at two Utah universities, plus $700 per month living expenses from SLC. Until a recent uprising, Libya was ruled with an iron fist for the Gaddafi family for over 40 years.
Roland BAAR Germany 1999 Retired 2004   Raised the ethical issue of playing volleyball in Tiananmen Square, but didn't actually mention the name of the square itself for fear of offending the Chinese.
Thomas BACH Germany 1991 President XXX, CI, FX The IOC's answer to "Huggie Bear": recently declassified top-secret files from the archives of the Stasi (the former East German secret police) claim that this guy organized supplies of prostitutes in order to win a sports election. Was at one stage an attorney for Adidas. Once suggested the IOC should take over televising the Olympics itself in order to gain greater control over its image. A 2013 German TV documentary claims that Bach, a former Olympic fencer, was a cheat, using a wet glove to short out the sensors on his fencing jacket so that legitimate hits by his opponent would not register.
Danka BARTEKOVA Slovakia 2013      
Baron Pierre-Olivier BECKERS Belgium 2012      
Berthold BEITZ Germany 1972 Deceased 2013   A rarity - an IOC member who was one of the good guys. German industrialist - received an award from Israel in 1973 for saving approximately 800 Jews from death camps during WWII.
Fernando Ferreira Lima BELLO Portugal 1989 Honorary member    
Dagmawit Girmay BERHANE Ethiopia 2010, reelected 2014     Senior exec at one of the world's largest family planning providers. According to a 2004 U.S. State department report, Ethiopia's human rights record "remains poor", particularly against women.
Joseph BLATTER Switzerland 1999   JB, CI, BR, MCP, MOB, PI Havelange's successor at FIFA after a fixed election organized by his predecessor; a crony of the late Horst Dassler, the shoe magnate who was the major driving force in the commercialization of the Olympics. Currently at the center of a massive corruption investigation in Switzerland involving 70 million in bribes allegedly paid by now-defunct sports marketing company ISL to FIFA officials. Has made sexist & homophobic comments, denies racism exists in football. Has acquired a whole list of meaningless honors & titles over the years, including an award from mass-murderer Charles Taylor, who is currently awaiting sentence on war crimes charges. Alleged connections to the Russian mafia.
Claudia BOKEL Germany 2008      
Dona Pilar De BORBON Spain 1996 Honorary member   Member of Spanish royal family.
Valeriy BORZOV Ukraine 1994      
Andres BOTERO PHILLIPSBOURNE Colombia 2007     Claims an election he lost in the Colombian National Olympic committee was rigged.
Els Van BREDA VRIESMAN The Netherlands 2001 Retired   Admitted that giving the 2014 Games to Sochi was a bad idea in a January 2014 interview.
Sergei BUBKA Ukraine 1999, 2008     Tossed out the Ukraine NOC's General Secretary after the latter was caught illegally selling tickets by reporters in a sting organized by the BBC.
Franco CARRARO Italy 1982   RB, FX, HU Given a four and a half year ban from Italian soccer after being implicated in a match-fixing scandal, but ban was later replaced by a fine of 80,000. May be facing criminal charges soon as well. Now works as a banker. IOC "Ethics Commission" took no action. Under his tenure, Italian Soccer League was involved in a false accounting scandal.
Richard L. CARRION Puerto Rico 1990   CI, RB, HU A banker and a director of major Olympic sponsor Visa International in Latin America. Instrumental in negotiating TV rights. A bank he founded was implicated in money laundering.
Vera CASLAVSKA Czech Republic 1995 Retired 2001   Former figure skater turned gymnast. Strongly voiced opposition to the Soviet invasion of her country in 1968, a decision that probably resulted in her being ripped off of a medal by crooked judges, and forced into retirement by the communist authorities.
Marisol CASADO Spain 2010      
Vladimir CERNUSAK Slovakia 1981 Honorary Member PI, LL Communist party hack from the cold war era. Sydney bid committee was found to have paid for excessive side trips or stopovers
Patrick S. CHAMUNDA Zambia 2002      
Ung CHANG North Korea 1996   PI, FX, HU From one of the world's last remaining Communist dictatorships, Chang was unanimously elected head of International Taekwando Federation immediately after the death of his predecessor. Several ITF federations challenged the validity of his election, which was later overturned by a court in Vienna. Has been accused of rigging black belt promotions, and of looting money from the ITF coffers.
Ottavio CINQUANTA Italy 1996   BR, FX Head of the International Skating Union, the body that controls eligible figure skating, Cinquanta has many nicknames, the most printable of which is "The Speedskater". A lawsuit filed by the World Skating Federation, an aspiring rival to the ISU, claimed Cinquanta receives kickbacks from TV contracts, but no evidence was provided. Was infamous for his bungled handling of the Salt Lake City figure skating scandal, where he initially denied any problem despite mounting evidence, then later hastily awarded an extra set of gold medals for the Canadians. Devised a radical new scoring system for skating that encourages secrecy and makes corruption easier to hide. Frequently booed on the few occasions he turns up at figure skating contests.
John Dowling COATES Australia 2001   BR, IL, CI Promised bribes to Kenyan and Ugandan IOC members if Sydney won. Helped the daughter of the IOC member for Swaziland obtain a catering scholarship when Sydney was bidding for the Games. Was director of a hotel company with Olympic connections. Lost a bucketload of private and public money with bad investments. Prefers govt money to be spent on elite athletes rather than ordinary Australians.
Mikaela COJUANGCO JAWORSKI Phillipines 2013      
Phillip Walter COLES Australia 1982 Given "severe censure" - Honorary member LL, BR Gold medal freeloader - got 60 grands worth of free hospitality from SLC, including trips to ski resorts and Superbowl tickets. There are also allegations he received $10,000 worth of jewelry from a businessman associated with the Athens bid. Further evidence has emerged suggesting he supplied info about other IOC members to SLC. Has resigned from Australian Olympic Committee, but amazingly is still allowed to continue on the IOC.
King CONSTANTINE Greece 1960 Honorary member   King of Greece.
Kirsty COVENTRY Zimbabwe 2013     Awarded US$100,000 by President Robert Mugabe for her success at the Olympics, a portion of which she gave to charity. Zimbabwe has suffered a massive deterioration in human rights & its standard of living under Mugabe's rule.
Phil CRAVEN UK 2003   CI Has shown support for paralympics sponsor Atos Healthcare despite policies which deny disabled people benefits.
Charmaine CROOKS Canada 1999 Retired 2004    
Robert CTVRTLIK USA 1999 Retired   Founding member of WADA.
Anita DEFRANTZ USA 1986   BR? A senior SLC official claims DeFrantz knew all about the bribery scheme. Also received a gold & garnet necklace in Japan in 1990, but it was not clear whether its value was over $200 IOC limit for gifts.
Lamine DIACK Senegal 1999 Reprimanded - Honorary Member BR, DO Was reprimanded for his part in receiving bribes in the $100m ISL corruption scandal, his share was said to be $41,500. Opposes lifetime bans for doping.
Alpha Ibrahim DIALLO Guinea 1994 Honorary Member PI Guinea is currently under the control of a military junta that has been implicated in human rights abuses, though elections are scheduled for 2012.
Ivan DIBOS Peru 1982   LL, BR His visit to Berlin for their bid in 1985 cost DM 27,000. Together with IOC member Carlos Ferrer of Spain, he tried to get the Berlin committee to get him an exclusive distributorship for VW's in Peru. Was also offered 50 used Atlanta city buses the night before the vote on that city's bid.
Manuela DICENTA Italy 1999 Honorary member    
Guy DRUT France 1996 Was suspended, now reinstated JB, BR Gold medal-winner at the 1976 Montreal Olympics. Was given a 15-month suspended jail sentence and fined $60,000 in a political scandal in Paris. Apparently he took a salary for a job that didn't exist. Was suspended in 2005, but is now back in the IOC after President Chirac later pardoned him.
James L. EASTON USA 1994   CI, BR, JB Major manufacturer of sports equipment. His company donated a couple of mountain bikes to Samaranch before being appointed to IOC. Hired the son of IOC member for Swaziland David Sibandze in an attempt to win votes for Salt Lake City.
Hicham EL GUERROUJ Morocco 2004 Retired   Former middle-distance runner. UNICEF Goodwill ambassador. Received humanitarian award.
Francisco J. ELIZALDE Philippines 1985 Honorary Member LL Was given a free ride by private jet from England to watch a World Cup soccer game in Sardinia by Manchester Olympic bid committee
Nawal EL MOUTAWAKEL Morocco 1998     Has been a leading champion of women's rights in sport in the Islamic world.
Rania ELWANI Egypt 2004 Retired   Doctor & former Olympic swimmer. Egypt currently a military dictatorship.
Ugur ERDEMER Turkey 2008      
Gunnar ERICSSON Sweden 1965 Deceased 2013    
Rene ESSOMBA Cameroon 1978 Deceased IL Daughter allegedly received tuition assistance from SLC. Human rights organizations report that torture and brutality are common in Cameroon.
Tony ESTANGUETE France 2013      
Manuel ESTIARTE Spain 2000 Retired 2004    
Camiel EURLINGS The Netherlands 2013      
Prince Faisal FAHD ABDUL AZIZ Saudi Arabia 1982 Deceased PI, BR, RB, MOM, XXX, MCP Only ever attended six IOC meetings. Bribed his way to the top of Saudi sport and amassed a huge fortune through arms dealing. Allegedly involved in a sex scandal on one of his rare visits to Lausanne. Saudi Arabia has a dismal record on women's rights and only recently allowed women to compete at the Olympics.
Nawaf Faisal FAHD ABDUL AZIZ Saudi Arabia 2002   PI, MCP Rarely attends IOC meetings. Saudi Arabia has a dismal record on women's rights and only recently allowed women to compete at the Olympics.
Rene FASEL Switzerland 1995 Reprimanded CI Helped a childhood friend obtain "significant financial advantages" by way of a TV & marketing deal in 2010.
Carlos FERRER Spain 1985 Deceased BR Tried to help Ivan Dibos, above, get an exclusive VW distributorship using the Berlin bid committee.
Nikos FILARETOS Greece 1981 Deceased    
Timothy Tsun Ting FOK Hong Kong, China 2001   RB, MOM Son of a rich arms smuggler who made his fortune during the Korean war. His own son was arrested for drunk driving.
Frank FREDERICKS Namibia 2004     Backs a tough zero tolerance attitude towards doping. Urged British athletes to boycott the London Games if doper Dwain Chambers competes.
Prince FREDERIK Denmark 2009   JB, RB, LL An idle rich playboy who rarely attends IOC meetings, preferring award & gala functions instead. Is also only an observer at his National Olympic Committee, despite IOC rules requiring him to be a full member.
General Zein El Abdin Ahmed Abdel GADIR Sudan 1983-87, 1990- Expelled PI, IL, LL Another henchman in a military junta, accepted money as a "loan" for his son's studies in the US. Also ran up a bill of DM 3,115 for room service while in Berlin.
Jean Claude GANGA Congo 1986 Expelled BR, PI Received $216,000 worth of bribes from SLC, made huge profit on crooked land deal; wanted a bribe of car parts from Cape Town; shared bank account with SLC member. Has vowed to fight his expulsion, so with luck, he may reveal even more dirt on other members. Human rights in his country are poor, with slavery of Pygmy tribespeople being reported.
Aïcha GARAD ALI Djibouti 2012      
Anton GEESINK The Netherlands 1987 Given warning - Deceased 2010 BR received bribe from SLC to buy a vehicle
Alex GILADY Israel 1994   CI Works for NBC network as VP of sports
Mary Alison GLEN-HAIG UK 1982 Honorary member    
Reynaldo GONZALEZ LOPEZ Cuba 1995     Cuba is one of the last remaining communist dictatorships.
Richard Kevan GOSPER Australia 1977 Exonerated of wrongdoing - Honorary Member LL, JB Gosper and his family were allegedly given free trip to Utah ski resort, ski clothes and tickets to Billy Joel concert. Cleared over ski trip after his wife was shown to have paid for it. A former Lloyds "Name", he was horribly burned by that company's financial problems, to the tune of 150,000. Caused a huge stink in Australia just before the Sydney Games when another child was dumped from the Olympic torch relay so his daughter could take part instead.
Bruno GRANDI Italy 2000 Retired 2004    
Louis GUIRANDOU-N'DIAYE Ivory Coast 1969 Given "serious warning" - deceased 1999 PI, BR Took $5000 from Salt Lake, supposedly for "sports development" in his country.
Habu GUMEL Nigeria 2009   FX Stepped down as head of his NOC in 2010. Accused of violating NOC election rules, falsifying documents and sabotaging a volleyball training program.
Pirjo HAEGGEMAN Finland 1981 Resigned JB Her husband was given cushy jobs by Toronto and SLC organizing committees; also lived rent free for several months at Toronto taxpayer's expense
Abdel Mohamed HALIM Sudan 1968 Deceased 2009   Doctor & football administrator. Although not implicated personally in any wrongdoing, his country of Sudan is run by a military dictatorship that committed atrocities in Darfur and has alleged ties to Al-Qaeda & other terrorist organizations.
Tan Seri HAMZAH BIN HAJI ABU SAMAH Malaysia 1978 Deceased 2012    
Mohamad Bob HASAN Indonesia 1994 Expelled PI, RB, EV A prominent banker and former Minister of Industry and Trade in ex-President Suharto's government, Hasan is one of the world's biggest rainforest loggers and is suspected of being responsible for the fires that produced a huge smog problem in Asia a few years back. He's also been accused of mounting an ethnic cleansing campaign against the Dayak people of Borneo. Another crony capitalist in a corrupt dictatorship, Hasan's fortune is estimated at over $US 3 billion. Served four years of a six year sentence on charges of embezzling over $US 200 million, though that didn't stop the IOC trying to get him let out to attend the Sydney Games. Expelled in August 2004.
Mostafa HASHEMI TABA Iran 2000 Retired PI Rabid anti-Semite. Tried to get Israel expelled from the IOC. Claimed that the London 2012 logo resembled the word "Zion" and was racist. Iran is run by fanatical Islamists and appears to be currently developing nuclear weapons.
Joao HAVELANGE Brazil 1963 Resigned in 2011 to avoid expulsion RB, PI, BR, MOM This rich Brazilian businessman and former head of FIFA is one of the leading culprits in the conversion of the Olympics into a commercial entity. A friend of the late Adidas head Horst Dassler, and also helped Samaranch get elected as IOC President. Found to have received millions in bribes from ISL. A 1999 book by British investigative journalist David Yallop claims Havelange is a major arms dealer who helped to supply the Brazilian military dictatorship with armaments. Despite all this, Rio's new Olympic Stadium will be named after him.
Eduardo HAY Mexico 1974 Deceased 2005    
Issa HAYATOU Cameroon 2001 Reprimanded, but remains full member JB, BR, PI Son of a Sultan and VP of FIFA. BBC "Panorama" investigation revealed he had received a bribe of 100,000 Francs from sports marketing company ISL. Was also accused by the "Sunday Times" of receiving a $1.5m bribe over the 2022 World Cup bid by Qatar. Human rights organizations report that torture and brutality are common in his home country.
Zhenliang HE China 1981 Honorary member PI, DO The last remaining communist dictatorship of substantial size, China has for years practised organized doping of its athletes.
Gerhard HEIBERG Norway 1994     Has campaigned for more openness by the IOC.
Günther HEINZE Germany 1981 Honorary member    
Paul HENDERSON Canada 2000 Retired 2004    
Maurice HERZOG France 1970 was Honorary Member - Deceased 2012    
Patrick HICKEY Ireland 1995   PI, DO Honored the President of Belarus, a dictator whose country has major doping problems, for his contribution to the Olympic movement. Was alleged by Mario Vasquez Rana to be part of a conspiracy to force him out of the IOC.
Marc HODLER Switzerland 1963 Deceased 2006   Blew the whistle in December 1998
Nicole HOEVERTSZ Aruba 2006   HU A Sunday Times investigation linked her to a ticket scalping scandal.
Kai HOLM Denmark 2002 Retired 2009    
Stefan HOLM Sweden 2013      
Niels HOLST-SORENSEN Denmark 1977 Honorary member LL Attended French open tennis final with his wife in 1993 at Sydney bid committee's expense; also guilty of other junketing in excess of allowed limits
Poul-Erik HOYER Denmark 2013      
Henry Heng HSU Taiwan 1970 Deceased 2009    
Chiharu IGAYA Japan 1982 Honorary member    
Prince Tunku IMRAN Malaysia 2006   JB, BR, DO Member of Malaysian royal family. Was investigated for corruption in 2001, but no charges laid. After a doping scandal in May 2012, dithered about suspending the athletes involved. Bruce Willis sued him in 2008 after investing in a "green" project to develop non-toxic recyclable rubber.
Nat INDRAPANA Thailand 1990     An endangered species, but apparently they do exist - an HONEST member of the IOC! Indrapana reported an attempt by a Taekwondo official to give him what was possibly a bribe in 2007.
Flor ISAVA-FONSECA Venezuela 1981 Honorary member LL Spent most of her visit to Berlin wining and dining in expensive restaurants, rather than inspecting Olympic facilities.
Willi KALTSCHMITT LUJAN Guatemala 1988 Given "less severe" warning LL, IL SLC bid committee paid for vacations for himself and Coles (see above), including trip to Super Bowl, and also educational assistance and lavish gifts.
Gian-Franco KASPER Switzerland 2000   MCP Stated in 2005 that he didn't think ski jumping was suitable sport for women from a "medical point of view", despite having no medical qualifications.
Kipchoge KEINO Kenya 2000 Honorary member    
Lamine KEITA Mali 1977 Expelled IL, LL His son received 6 grand for tuition fees and monthly checks of $500 from SLC; says he will defend his actions. Ran up a DM 2,500 phone bill while in Berlin checking out their campaign.
Barbara KENDALL New Zealand 2011      
Toni KHOURI Lebanon 1995      
Jean-Claude KILLY France 1995   CI A rarity in the IOC in the days before the reforms; a member who was actually a sporting champion. A director of Coke's French division.
Dr. Un Yong KIM Korea 1986 Given "severe censure", Suspended. Resigned in 2005 PI, IL, JB, BR Worked as bodyguard for Korean president and in Korean secret police; reckoned by many to be an agent for the Korean CIA who was involved in kidnapping dissidents back to Korea from the U.S. in the 1970's. Helped Vitaly Smirnov get tuition assitance for a Russian woman; got his pianist daughter concert performances with Berlin Philharmonic, Melbourne Symphony and Utah Symphony; SLC got his son a job with TV firm. In June 2004 was sentenced to 2.5 years jail and fined $600 000 on bribery charges.
Henry KISSINGER United States 2000 Honor Member    
Saku KOIVU Finland 2006     Nothing dodgy about him so far, but was the victim in a tax fraud & identity theft case in Canada. Also involved in medical charity.
Ashwini KUMAR India 1973 Exonerated - now Honorary Member IL, LL Tried to get the Manchester committee to wangle a place for his daughter at the London School of Economics. Accused of excessive travel expenditure at SLC's expense, but cleared.
Jari KURRI Finland 2002 Retired 2006    
Mustapha LARFAOUI Algeria 1995 Honorary member   Algeria is an authoritarian state, with politics heavily dominated by the military.
Kikis N. LAZARIDES Cyprus 2002 Retired 2006    
Kun Hee LEE Korea 1996 Suspended 2006, but reinstated in early 2010 RB, BR, HU, CI Chairman of Samsung, one of Korea's biggest conglomerates and a TOP Olympic sponsor. Bought his way into the IOC with a huge donation. Was given a 2-year suspended jail sentence for trying to backhand a former president with a $500 million bribe. Recently convicted on charges of tax evasion totalling $US 108 million. Was given 3 year sentence (suspended, of course) and a fine equivalent to the evaded tax, but was later pardoned by Korea's President so that he could stay on the IOC and lobby for Korea's bid for the 2018 Winter Olympics.
Carol Anne LETHEREN Canada 1990 Deceased 2001 CI Was a member of several consulting firms that obtained substantial contracts from the Toronto bid committee which she was serving on at the time. Organized an exhibition of Toller Cranston's paintings, one of which was taken by Samaranch, supposedly for his IOC museum
Lingwei LI China 2012   PI, DO See comments about China under He Zhenliang
Princess Nora De LIECHTENSTEIN Liechtenstein 1984   JB, HU Inherited her seat from her father. The Liechtenstein Global Trust bank, which is owned by the Liechtenstein royal family, was recently accused by a U.S. Senate report of actively aiding tax evasion.
Gunilla LINDBERG Sweden 1996      
Arne LJUNGQVIST Sweden 1994 Honorary member    
Shengrong LU China 1996 Retired 2001 PI, DO See comments about China under He Zhenliang
Prince Henri de LUXEMBOURG Luxembourg 1998   JB Inherited his seat from his father.
Jean de LUXEMBOURG Luxembourg 1946 Honorary member    
Habib MACKI Oman 2009 Retired   Oman is an Islamic state ruled by an absolute monarchy since 1970. However they have promoted women's rights & education.
Julio Cesar MAGLIONE Uruguay 1996   FX Head of FINA, the world swimming body. Their recent incompetent handling of a crisis involving performance enhancing swimwear has resulted in the record books being contaminated with many dubious results. Swimming has also been slack on safety with water temperatures allowed to rise dangerously high at a race in Shanghai.
Shagdarjav MAGVAN Mongolia 1977 Given "serious warning" - now Honorary member IL, PI, JB, LL, GH Another relic of the communist era. SLC paid for his son's tuition at University of Utah, and also got him a job at a Utah bank. Magvan and his son also received medical treatment at SLC's expense. Whilst in Berlin, his limousine bill came to DM 3,300.
Barry MAISTER New Zealand 2010      
Anani MATTHIA Togo 1983 Given "serious warning" - deceased 2008 LL SLC bid committee paid for his wife's air ticket to Paris and first-class hotel bills, plus various items while in SLC, a total bill of over $7000
Keba MBAYE Senegal 1973 Deceased 2007    
Patrick MCQUAID Ireland 2010 Removed 2013 PI, CI, DO, BR? Competed in South Africa under a false name in 1976 in defiance of anti-apartheid sanctions. Head of UCI (cycling), a sport riddled with doping problems. Allegedly received payments from UCI while campaigning for IOC membership. Accused of being selective in doping enforcement, and received "donations" from Lance Armstrong for anti-doping work. A pro cyclists group passed a unanimous vote of no confidence in the UCI in 2012. Removed from the IOC after he lost his position as head of the UCI.
Fidel MENDOZA CARRASQUILLA Colombia 1988 Honorary member    
Prince Alexandre De MERODE Belgium 1964 Deceased DO Was IOC medical commission chairman, despite having no medical qualifications; documents relating to positive drug tests at 1984 LA Games were "accidentally" destroyed while under his control and he was also in charge of a disastrous IOC anti-drugs summit. Effectively sidelined with the founding of the World Anti-Doping Agency (WADA).
Robin MITCHELL Fiji 1994     Fiji has been under the control of a military dictatorship since 2006. Has spoken out in favor of term limits for IOC members.
Prince Albert De MONACO Monaco 1985   LL, XXX, MOB, BR President of the "charity" set up by Primo Nebiolo, below. Supposedly set up to benefit athletes, this organization seems to spend most of its funds on entertainment. Has been involved in two incidents where women have claimed he fathered their children. In 2010 the former director of the Monaco Intelligence Service claimed that Prince Albert has connections with Russian gangsters and that he was given finance for a North Pole expedition, a lavish banquet at the Kremlin with Vladimir Putin and a holiday home as bribes for supporting that country's Sochi Winter Olympic bid. IOC did nothing.
Dae Sung MOON Korea 2008   IL Accused in 2012 of plagiarizing large parts of his doctoral thesis, even down to copying spelling mistakes from the material he was ripping off.
Octavian MORARIU Romania 2013      
Samih MOUDALLAL Syria 1998   PI Under EU travel ban because of his connection to the Assad government, which is currently engaged in a mass slaughter of its civilian population. Is a supporter of the IOC receiving the Nobel Peace Prize.
Charles Nderitu MUKORA Kenya 1990 Resigned BR, CI Received a 34 grand bribe from the SLC committee, and a 33 grand bribe from the Sydney committee along with Nyangweso. Requested $4,371 in cash from Berlin bid committee to upgrade his air tickets. Director of Coca-Cola's African operations.
Roque Napoleon MUNOZ PENA Dominican Republic 1983 Deceased 2011    
Mohamed MZALI Tunisia 1965 Deceased 2010 JB Mzali's son was given help when looking for a job in Australia by the Sydney bid committee
François NARMON Belgium 2002 Retired 2004    
Youssoupha NDIAYE Senegal 2002 Retired 2008    
Primo NEBIOLO Italy 1992 Deceased DO, BR, LL Backstabbed his way to head of Athletics, a sport well known for doping problems; extorted a $20 million bribe from the Seoul Games organizers, which went to his own personally contolled "charity" in Monaco. Mostly this "charity" spends its money on lavish parties
Ser Miang NG Singapore 1998     Is considering running for IOC President when Rogge steps down in September 2012.
Lambis W. NIKOLAOU Greece 1986     Blamed the Salt Lake bid cttee for the scandal. Claimed that he pressed the wrong button in the 2012 vote, mistakenly voting for Paris instead of Madrid.
Lydia NSEKERA Burundi 2010     Pioneer of women's rights in football; first female member of FIFA executive.
Carlos Arthur NUZMAN Brazil 2000 Honorary Member PI Accused of forcibly removing slum dwellers in preparation for the 2016 Rio Games. Supports the decision to name Rio's Olympic stadium after disgraced FIFA boss Joao Havelange.
Major General Francis Were NYANGWESO Uganda 1988 Was under investigation, deceased 2011 PI, BR, MOB Was an army commander under Idi Amin's regime; He and Mukora each received a 33 grand bribe from the Sydney committee. A high-ranking boxing official, a sport where corruption is rife. Has been seen in the company of an alleged Russian gangster.
Kevin O'FLANAGAN Ireland 1976 Deceased 2006 LL Was given a free trip, along with his brother, to 1992 Wimbledon tennis final by Sydney
Shun-Ichiro OKANO Japan 1990 Honorary member    
Susie O'NEILL Australia 2000 Retired    
Prince Willem-Alexander of ORANGE The Netherlands 1998 Honorary Member JB Member of the Dutch royal family. Bypassed several top Dutch sportspeople and administrators for the job. Although not accused of anything himself, was at one stage considering stepping down because of the generally sleazy atmosphere of the IOC, even going as far as suspending his membership for a period.
Denis OSWALD Switzerland 1991     Has spoken out against ticketing scams.
General Lassana PALENFO Ivory Coast 2000 Honorary member PI, HU High ranking figure in a bloody military junta. Tossed in jail in 2000 after allegedly plotting to assassinate the junta leader, until Samaranch got him out. Accused of embezzling millions of dollars and could face a 15 year sentence for running death squads - if he can be extradited from France, which seems unlikely.
Yong Sung PARK Korea 2002 Suspended 2006, membership restored 2007. Now Retired. HU Convicted of embezzling millions in a family feud over control of Korea's largest conglomerate. Given a 3 year suspended sentence, and fined $US 8.3 million. IOC suspended him in 2006, but later restored his membership the following year for no obvious reason.
Adam PENGILLY Great Britain 2010     Condemned the behavior of VANOC in the wake of the death of a Georgian luger in 2010.
José PERURENA Spain 2011   MCP President of International Canoe federation. Has not spoken up about the fact that canoeing will not be available to women in London, only kayaks (classed as a different sport).
Mario PESCANTE Italy 1994   BR, DO Was accused along with Nebiolo of corruption involving massive overspending on the refurbishment of the Rome Olympic stadium for the 1990 soccer World Cup. Resigned as head of Italian National Olympic Committee after allegations of a slack drug testing regime. Tried to get Italian govt to suspend a law making doping a crime for the duration of the Turin 2006 Olympics.
Richard Neville PETERKIN St. Lucia 2009   JB His son took part in the 2000 Sydney games despite failing to make the qualifying times.
Goran PETERSSON Sweden 2009 Retired    
Matthew PINSENT UK 2002 Retired 2004    
Alexander POPOV Russia 1999   BR, PI Accused of being part of a vote exchange deal over the Vancouver Olympic bid. The IOC did nothing, trying to claim that this wasn't covered by their code of ethics. In recent years the human rights situation in Russia has deteriorated, with increasing repression in areas such as gay rights and Vladimir Putin moving closer to becoming a dictator.
Richard POUND Canada 1978   BR, CI Received a free geneology report valued at $40,000 from the Mormon church in Utah. In charge of the investigation, Pound claims he was once offered a million dollar bribe, but turned it down. Another former lawyer for Horst Dassler's Adidas conglomerate, Pound is widely picked as a possible future IOC leader. Made insensitive comments about indigenous Canadians, which caused huge outcry - he blamed this on problems translating his remarks, originally in French, into English.
Princess Anne UK 1988     Reportedly once tried to instigate a cleanup but was sabotaged by the old guard. Refused to appear before a House of Commons committee investigating the bribery scandal.
Lawrence F. PROBST III United States 2013      
Bernard RAJZMAN Brazil 2013      
Pedro RAMÍREZ VÁZQUEZ Mexico 1972 was Honorary member - Deceased 2013    
Sam RAMSAMY South Africa 1995     Prominent anti-apartheid campaigner.
Craig REEDIE UK 1994   DO Believes that a Court of Arbitration for Sport ruling allowing drug cheats to compete at the Olympics will not harm the Games.
Francesco RICCI BITTI Italy 2006 Retired    
Colonel Antonio RODRIGUEZ Argentina 1990 Deceased 2007 PI, GH Had dental treatment paid for by Berlin bid committee.
Jacques ROGGE Belgium 1991 Honorary President LL Former IOC leader, Rogge is Mr Clean, with no known skeletons in his closet. Made some promising statements about staying in the Olympic Village with the athletes at SLC, but stayed in a 5-star hotel in Vancouver. Showed little interest when the World Skating Federation attempted to form an alternative to the ISU for figure skating.
Angela RUGGIERO United States 2010      
Rampaul RUHEE Mauritius 1988 Exonerated BR, LL Accused of accepting a free airline ticket to Budapest for his wife. Ticket was discovered to have been refunded
Yumilka RUIZ LUACES Cuba 2008     One of the last remaining Communist dictatorships.
Major General Mouhir SABET Egypt 1998   PI, HU Brother-in-law of Egypt's deposed dictator Hosni Mubarak. Accused of corruption in his job of privatizing various government companies.
Juan Antonio SAMARANCH Spain 1966 Deceased - was Honorary President for Life PI, LL, BR, DO, RB, MOB Formerly a prominent member of Franco's Fascist government, Samaranch ruled the IOC for over 20 years and enjoyed a luxurious lifestyle that would rival a king. Received a "gift" of a shotgun and a rifle paid for by SLC just a month before they were awarded the Games. A few years ago made statements, hastily retracted, that he supported drug taking by athletes under some circumstances. One of Samaranch's close associates, Andre Guelfi, was involved in a major political bribery scandal in Europe recently and has been seen hanging around with the same alleged Russian mobster as Nyangweso
Juan Antonio SAMARANCH JR. Spain 2001   JB "Son of Sammy" - proves that despite claims of reform, nepotism is still alive and well in the IOC. Involved with a charity created in his father's name that promotes sport in China.
Meliton SANCHEZ RIVAS Panama 1998   HU Was reprimanded after caught ticket scalping at Barcelona Olympics. Acquitted of forgery charges in 2012 after a six year court battle.
Sergio SANTANDER Chile 1992 Expelled BR Given a 10 grand bribe by the SLC committee for his campaign to run for mayor of Santiago; has been suspended by Chilean Olympic Committee
Pal SCHMITT Hungary 1983   IL President of Hungary. Was recently found to have plagiarized about 90% of his doctoral thesis, resulting in his PhD being revoked. IOC has taken no action, and refuses to resign as President.
Philipp Von SCHOELLER Austria 1977 was Honorary Member - deceased 2008    
Rebecca SCOTT Canada 2006     Remained silent when a court in BC ruled that the IOC was discriminating against women ski jumpers at the 2010 Vancouver Games, and on discrimination by Saudi Arabia against women athletes.
Austin L. SEALY Barbados 1994 Given "less severe" warning BR Washington Post says this guy received a bribe from SLC. Payoffs rumored to have been 3 grand a month
Henri SERANDOUR France 2000 Retired July 2007 JB Given a 3 month suspended jail sentence by a French court in October 2006. Gave two lucrative jobs to a telecommunications company that had hired his wife. Reprimanded by the IOC in December 2007, which was symbolic only, as he had already retired in July, having reached the mandatory retirement age of 70.
David Sikhulumi SIBANDZE Swaziland 1984 Resigned IL His daughter had expenses paid by Sydney for attending a home economics course in Australia. Also tried to wangle a place for his son at universities in various other bidding cities as well.
Randhir SINGH India 2001 Suspended BR, FX India's IOC membership is currently under suspension because of various corruption problems, such as dodgy elections & bribery involving the 2010 Commonwealth Games.
Alexandru SIPERCO Romania 1955 Deceased PI, DO, JB Old communist party hack from the Ceausescu era, a corrupt regime whose athletes were riddled with drugs. His daughter and son-in-law received job and immigration assistance from Sydney
Ivan SLAVKOV Bulgaria 1987 Expelled 2005 BR, PI, MOM, HU The son-in-law of former dictator Todor Zhivkov. Has been charged with embezzling Olympic funds and illegal arms trading. His son was extradited from Switzerland on a rape charge. Was expelled after a BBC camera crew caught him soliciting a bribe over the London 2012 bid.
Vitaly SMIRNOV Russia 1971 Given "serious warning" PI, BR, DO, GH, IL Was head of old Soviet National Olympic Committee, an institution infamous for its doping programs. Received a Browning rifle, free medical care for a hockey player and help in enrolling a Russian teenager in a U.S. college, all via Salt Lake bid cttee. Accused of soliciting a $35K bribe from the same ctte in exchange for his vote. Tried to heavy the IOC about its actions against Russia over the 2002 figure skating scandal, claiming the extra gold medals were "unfair", despite copious evidence of rigged judging.
Adne SONDRAL Norway 2002 Retired 2006    
Borislav STANKOVIC Serbia 1988 Honorary member    
Jan STAUBO Norway 1966 Deceased 2003    
Rita SUBOWO Indonesia 2007   BR Supervised the 2011 South East Asian Games, which were mired in a corruption scandal after the ruling party's treasurer absconded from the country with $3m in bribes gained from contractors tendering for the athlete's village. Two fans were killed after overselling of tickets at the stadium resulted in a stampede as people tried to secure seats.
Irena SZEWINSKA Poland 1998      
Tsunekazu TAKEDA Japan 2012      
Peter TALLBERG Finland 1976   JB Tallberg's son was hired by a plumbing company owned by a member of the Toronto bid committee; he also received help finding a job from the Sydney bid committee.
Shamil TARPISCHEV Russia 1994   RB, HU, MOB, PI Boris Yeltsin's tennis coach. At one stage held an exclusive franchise to import booze and tobacco for the entire Russian federation, a racket that netted him hundreds of millions of dollars. Reputed to have connections with Russian organized crime, and reportly was once the target of an unsuccessful "hit" by the Mob. In recent years the human rights situation in Russia has deteriorated, with increasing repression in areas such as gay rights and Vladimir Putin moving closer to becoming a dictator.
Paul K. TERGAT Kenya 2013      
James TOMKINS Australia 2013      
Walther TROEGER Germany 1989 Honorary member    
Yoshiaki TSUTSUMI Japan 2000 Resigned May 2005 RB, EV, HU Real estate developer who butchered the mountains of Nagano to create the ski slopes for the 1998 Winter Olympics. Was one of the world's richest men in the early 1990's. Convicted of financial crimes relating to falsification of company share registers and violation of insider trading laws. Sentenced to 30 months jail, suspended for 4 years, and fined 5 million Yen.
Mario VAZQUEZ RANA Mexico 1991 Resigned 2012 RB Rich Mexican businessman who bought his way into the IOC - only 13 people voted for him. Has stated flat out that he plans to ignore the new prohibitions on members visiting bidding cities. Abruptly resigned in March 2012, before his mandatory retirement, claiming he was forced out.
Olegario VAZQUEZ RANA Mexico 1995   JB Mario's brother
Hein VERBRUGGEN The Netherlands 1996 Honorary member DO Head of cycling, a sport positively dripping with drug problems (two words: Lance Armstrong).
Philipp VON SCHOELLER Austria 1977 Deceased 2008    
Antun VRDOLJAK Croatia 1995 Honorary member CI TV executive
Leopold WALLNER Austria 1998   HU Allegedly involved in siphoning off money from his NOC, and other financial improprieties.
Paul WALLWORK Western Samoa 1987 Expelled BR His wife borrowed 30 grand from SLC bid committee, later repaid. Both claim Wallwork himself had no knowledge of the affair.
Gerardo WERTHEIN Argentina 2009   RB His family have an extensive business empire.
Pernilla WIBERG Sweden 2002 Retired 2010    
Tay WILSON New Zealand 1988 Honorary member    
James WORRALL Canada 1967 was Honorary member - Deceased 2011    
Ching-Kuo WU Taiwan 1988   MCP Conducted a purge in an attempt to clean up boxing. Supported women's boxing but accused of introducing "sexist" uniforms.
Yang YANG China 2010   PI  
Zaiqing YU China 2000   PI, DO Communist Party hack. Criticized a speed skater who thanked her parents before thanking her country after winning gold in Vancouver. Also see comments about China under He Zhenliang.
Jan ZELEZNY Czech Republic 1999-2001, reelected 2004 Retired   Publicly stated that China must reform and respect human rights and freedoms before being awarded the Olympics. The IOC didn't listen, and awarded them to China anyway.
Mohamed ZERGUINI Algeria 1974 Given "serious warning" - deceased 2001 BR, LL, JB A man alleged to be Zerguini's grandson received payments of $14,500. Zerguini's son and another grandson also had holidays unrelated to Olympic business paid for by SLC. A relative was also supposedly given help to find a job with Coke in Atlanta. Algeria is an authoritarian state, with politics heavily dominated by the military.
Alexander ZHUKOV Russia 2013     In recent years the human rights situation in Russia has deteriorated, with increasing repression in areas such as gay rights and Vladimir Putin moving closer to becoming a dictator.

NOTE: The above table only includes IOC members that have been named as allegedly engaging in inappropriate conduct. It should be noted that there have been other allegations of impropriety in which the members have not yet been named, e.g. an IOC member nicknamed "Mr. Wandering Hands" for his habit of sexual harrassment; the five IOC members who used prostitutes paid for by the Salt Lake City bid committee, and an unnamed member who repeatedly has a problem with jewelry being "stolen" from his hotel room, but who seems to rapidly lose interest if you suggest calling the police rather than reimbursing him on the spot. These may or may not be amongst the members already accused of something else.

Most of this data is derived from the work of Andrew Jennings, an investigative journalist who has written several books on Olympic corruption. You can keep up with the latest news on sports corruption at his web site More detailed information on current IOC members can also be found in an article he's co-written with former Olympian Nikki Dryden at

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