PortIce Tonya T-shirt

At last, it's finally arrived! Just in time for Christmas comes THE cool fashion accessory for the 1998/99 skating season, the PortIce Tonya T-shirt. The perfect gift for the Tonyaphile in your life - and a chance to show the skating establishment what YOU think of their Great Skating Swindle next time Stars On Ice is in town. And the best thing of all is the price - it's completely free!

Both the front and back sides of the T-shirt are stored on this site in three versions: a lo-res version that can be quickly downloaded to see what the T-shirt looks like, a high resolution version that takes longer to download but is a better quality image for producing the actual T-shirt itself, and a reversed hi-res version that may be more suitable for creating iron on transfers.


View low resolution preview image (67k)

Download high resolution image (267k)

Download reversed high resolution image (267k)


View low resolution preview image (83k)

Download high resolution image (256k)

Download reversed high resolution image (256k)

Once you have saved the images to disk, there are several various ways to print the images onto a T-shirt. One is to print them onto thermal transfer paper using a color inkjet printer and then iron the transfers onto a plain white T-shirt (note that you'll have to use the reversed version for this. You may also need to use image editing software such as Microsoft Photo Editor to resize the image when you print it out). Be sure to use a shirt with a high cotton content - man made fibers may melt under the heat of the iron. A second way is to print them right way round using any type of color printer and take the printouts to a T-shirt shop who will be able to produce a shirt for you. Some shops may even be able to work directly off the computer files themselves if you give them these files on a floppy disk. This last method will probably give the best quality result, especially if they use a color laser printer to produce the transfer rather than an inkjet.

http://www.hanes2u.com/how/ has more information on how to make T-shirts.

You are welcome to make and distribute as many t-shirts as you like, provided the design is not modified in any way and the copyright notice is not removed. Please note that this is NOT an officially licensed Tonya product and is not connected in any way with Tonya or her managers.

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