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We would like to thank Christopher Jefferson, David House, Puppetboy, Jim Miller, Joe Sciambra, Charlie Main & Carole Halper, amongst others for their support of us and Tonya over past few months.

Many thanks to Mike Leon for his valuable technical advice.


The Portland Ice Skating Society is an independent, non-commercial and non-profit organization dedicated to supporting Tonya Harding and to drawing attention to the grave injustice that has been done to her. It is not connected or affiliated in any way to Tonya and does not purport to officially represent her or her views.

This site contains links and references to various commercial organizations which sell material that may be of interest to Tonyaphiles. These are included for information only - the Portland Ice Skating Society has no connection or affiliation to these organizations and does not receive any advertising revenue from them. Although they appear to the best of our knowledge to be reputable companies we cannot accept any liability for any problems that may occur when dealing with them.

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